In this episode, clinical nutritionist Kristina Mitts and I discuss all things related to gut health! We cover a lot of ground in this episode including the topic of the controversial procedure called Fecal Microbial Transplant (FMT). A procedure I personally did a few years back to heal from the chronic debilitating autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis. The good news is IT WORKED! 

Hang tight as we explore the hottest topic in medicine right now; the microbiome! It’s absolutely fascinating to learn how much of an impact these little microbes play in our over all health! 

Other topics we will be covering in this episode are: 

  • How the gut microbiome is affected by stress and trauma including PTSD 
  • What is leaky gut and how to heal from it? 
  • Why mental health begins in your gut and steps you can take to improve your gut health that will directly affect your mental health. 
  • How the brain and gut are intricately connected through the super highway of the vagus nerve. 
  • And the amazing discussion of Fecal Matter Transplant (FMT) and a whole host of conditions that can improve from the treatment including autism, neurological conditions and of course healing your gut. 

More about Kristina Mitts: 

Kristina Mitts is a Clinical Nutritionist and Author, with experience working in the fields of Functional/Integrative Medicine and Microbiota Transplant Therapy. Her experience led her to create the company Mind Mood Microbes. At MMM, Kristina and her colleagues empower their clients to harness their microbiota to reduce brain fog, bloat and other chronic or autoimmune health issues. 


Links to find out more about Kristina: 




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